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Zinc, Lead & Copper

Zinc has been used for centuries, especially to make brass. Today, it is often used for the galvanisation of other metals to protect them from corrosion.

Lead is used for a variety of purposes including the manufacturing of paints, however batteries account for 80 percent of global consumption.

Copper is essential to the construction and electrical industries as it is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Due to its superior anti-microbiological properties, it is also used as a chemical for the medical industry as well as for agricultural disease control.

ALLCOMTRADE is active globally in the refined metals trade. We market zinc, lead and copper concentrates, raw materials used to produce zinc, lead and copper metals. The demand for these products has increased dramatically in emerging countries, with China now being the world’s biggest importer.

We have established relationships with the key producing areas which allows us to ensure price risk is always carefully controlled. We source directly from smelters thus offering our clients favourable procurement possibilities. We can work with our customers on a spot basis or arrange for long-term contracts.

Management of Commodity Flows

The marketing of these commodities is a global operation, involving commodity flows from raw material producers in Latin America to consumers in Western Europe and Southeast Asia where these materials are smelted and refined to metals.